How To Make A Copper Air Compressor Cylinder Head Gasket

A worn air compressor cylinder head gasket leads to excessive leaks, and that increases your energy usage when attempting to maintain a consistent air supply. Replacing the head gasket is often a simple matter of unbolting the top of the cylinder head, but locating a replacement gasket can take time or may even be impossible if the part isn't readily available. Fortunately, you can create your own replacement head gasket from copper that will achieve comparable results to the official manufactured part. [Read More]

The Two Most Important Boiler Safety Devices You Need To Know About

Boilers are among the leading workhorses in American industry and have been since the early days of the nation. Through a simple process of transferring heat to water in order to create steam, boilers are a key link in the production of energy. When heated to its boiling point, each unit of water expands more than 1,600 times to form steam; this can be harnessed to provide power to generate electricity, heat buildings and perform other useful work. [Read More]