Essential Safety Tips For Your First Dumpster Rental

Dumpsters are a convenient addition to most any commercial property, because they provide you with a single point for all of your waste management. Although the purpose of a dumpster is to help you maintain cleanliness around your property, a dumpster can also be a safety hazard if not handled properly. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know about keeping yourself and your employees safe around that dumpster you're renting, especially if this is the first time you've rented a dumpster.

What Makes Dumpsters Dangerous?

On its own, a dumpster isn't a particular concern. However, when paired with inattention or carelessness on the part of your employee, a dumpster can be the source of injury or other problems. Debris left around the dumpster can attract pests of all kinds, many of which can spread disease. This poses a health hazard. If your employees are lifting and handling bags of trash improperly, they may suffer lifting injuries. And, inattention when reaching into the dumpster can result in an injury if the lid should fall.

What Safety Features Should You Consider?

There are a few safety features that you can consider to keep your employees safe. First, select a dumpster that will come with safety and warning signs, including those that state that the doors and lids must be kept closed. Then, label the enclosure with a sign that prohibits anyone from climbing into the dumpster for any reason.

You'll also want to think about how your company operates. If you have a lot of heavy waste bags or you'll be rolling out waste in wheeled carts, consider investing in a dumpster that's fitted with a ramp to access the side opening. The ramp will make the dumpster more accessible, reducing the risk that your employees will be injured from mishandling bags.

How Do You Keep it Clean?

Make an effort to rinse out and disinfect the dumpster at least once every couple of weeks. It's best done immediately after the pickup company empties it. Rinse the dumpster out with a hose, then treat the whole inside with a solution of warm water and a disinfectant cleaner. Pull the drain plugs and rinse the whole thing completely, flushing the water off the pad. Leave the dumpster open for a couple of hours to dry out before using it again. Also, ensure that everyone wears safety gloves any time they're cleaning up or doing work around the dumpster area.

How Do You Protect Against Fire Hazards?

When you decide where you're putting the dumpster, evaluate the location for fire safety as well. Choose a space that's some distance from your actual building, because it will help protect the building from exposure in the event of a dumpster fire. You also need to make sure that you keep the entire dumpster area free of debris. Debris and waste can pose fire hazards, so the cleaner the area is, the safer it will be.

How Do I Improve Visibility?

Particularly if your business includes a working night shift, you'll want to give some thought to the lighting around your dumpster area. Poorly lit dumpsters are a safety hazard for many reasons, including tripping as well as harboring pests and potential thieves. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting cast down around your dumpster area. Consider investing in a set of consistent light sources, but also add a few large flood lights that work on a motion detector. This saves on your energy costs while still keeping the area brightly lit when you need it.

With these tips, you can not only take control of your company's waste management needs by adding a dumpster to the property, you can also ensure that the dumpster investment is a safe one. Work with your employees to ensure that everyone understands safe practices around the dumpster, and talk with a dumpster rental company, such as Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., about other tips that might help.