Clean Up And Make Some Cash

If you are looking around your property and you see the need for a good cleanup, then you should consider cleaning your property in a way that can also bring in some extra cash. Many times, when someone has to clean up their property, they opt for paying money to have items removed; however, you may be able to take things in the other direction and turn that cleanup into a profitable situation. Here are some of the ways you may be able to make money off your messy property:

Sell firewood

If one of the things that you want to do in your yard is remove some of those dead trees, then you may want to consider selling them as firewood instead of paying someone to come out and throw them in a wood chipper for you. You can advertise online and quickly find someone in need of firewood who will come to you, take it off of your hands themselves, and even give you some money for it.

Recycle that scrap metal

If you have scrap metal around the yard, or other things that can be recycled like aluminum cans or copper wiring, then you should recycle those things for a profit instead of trying to find a way to dispose of them; it may even cost you money to have someone come and haul the stuff away. Depending on how many things you have on your property that can be recycled, you could end up with a good chunk of change.

Sell boulders, gravel, and fill dirt

Believe it or not, you can even make money off of boulders, gravel, and fill dirt that may be getting in the way of having your property looking the way you want it to look. These things that are doing nothing except getting in your way might be exactly what others are looking for; people will come and remove them for you, and in exchange you get some cash, and they get to put their purchase to good use on their own property.

Sell your junk car

Don't get duped into thinking that you have to pay someone to come out and haul off that junk car. You can actually sell a junk car for some profit. While you may not be able to get nearly what you would get for a car that runs well, you can still get a nice little profit. People buy junk cars for a variety of reasons; sometimes, they buy them as project cars they can work on over time to get up and running again. Other times, they will buy them for parts they need for a car they're already working on. Other people may buy a junk car just so they can part it out to others and make a profit off of it themselves.