When To Replace The Mesh Screen For Your Mill System

Wire mesh screens play a vital role in the overall function of your mill equipment. Dust, dirt and other debris can make its way inside, settle and create serious problems with the overall function of your equipment, and maybe even cause it to fail. A mesh screen keeps these particles out by trapping them before they can make their way inside. However, these screens are only effective when in good condition. If the screen is old an in need of replacement, it's useless. Make sure you know the signs that indicate it's time to replace your mesh screen.

Performance Issues

If you're noticing performance issues, this is also cause for concern. For example, have you seen more and more sediment buildup inside your system? Is the buildup causing the mill system to underperform or need frequent repairs? If there are no other issues going on, it could be the screen to blame.

If the screen has failed, it could be allowing more particles inside the mill, which is causing you to experience the issues. Before assuming it's some larger problem, take a look at the screen first.

Visibly Worn

A regular part of your maintenance and repair regimen should be examining your mesh screen. During this process, you want to primarily look for signs that signal extreme wear, such as fraying or holes in the screen. If you notice these signs, make sure you understand that the mesh screen isn't really serving much purpose.

The whole purpose of the device is to keep objects out, but if there are holes in the screen, it will become increasingly hard, if not impossible, to go about doing this. When the screen is worn, it's time of replacement.

Excessive Age

All items have a lifespan, and your wire mesh screen is no exception to this rule. Even if you aren't experiencing any of the previously mentioned scenarios, it does not mean that you should continue to use the same screen. Most manufacturers provide instructions on replacement of their screens in terms of lifespan.

For example, a company may suggest that the screen be replaced every 90 days if used heavily. In this instance, if you continue to use the screen beyond this period, you will have performance issues. Refer to the manual and change the filter if it lifespan has already expired.

Don't ignore the signs that signal the need for replacement. Protect your equipment by replacing the screens when necessary.