Caring For Industrial Batteries

Industrial trojan batteries can serve a number of useful functions for your business. However, mistakes in caring for these batteries or in their use can result in major performance and safety issues.

Keep The Batteries Free Of Corrosion And Limescale

Corrosion and limescale are both problems that will commonly impact trojan batteries. The effects of these issues can be a severe reduction in the power supplied by the battery as these problems will frequently impact the terminals of the battery. Periodically removing these materials will be necessary for preventing the battery from suffering this performance decrease.  

Avoid Overcharging The Batteries

To better control costs, many businesses will utilize rechargeable batteries for their needs. When charging these batteries, special care should be given to avoid overcharging them. If a battery is connected to a charger for too long, it can lose its ability to retain a charge. For those that are not confident in their ability to promptly disconnect the charger when it is time, there are charging stations that can automatically disconnect the flow of power once the battery is fully charged.

Follow All Recommended Safety Precautions When Working With The Battery

An industrial trojan battery will contain a tremendous amount of energy. This can make working on these batteries hazardous if the appropriate safety precautions are not followed. These steps will include ensuring the device is off before starting this work, wearing the proper attire and gloves, along with using tools that are poor conductors of electricity. Any employees that will be tasked with working on the batteries should undergo rigorous safety training so that the risk of injury to the worker or damage to the battery is kept low.

Designate A Suitable Area Of Your Building For Battery Storage

Whenever you are not using the trojan batteries, they will have to be stored in a safe location. This location should have cool temperatures as this can help to extend the life of its charge. Also, the area should be as dry as possible. Condensation can form on the metal components of the battery, and this can contribute to the formation of corrosion or limescale. Furthermore, you should ensure that the area where the batteries are stored has a comprehensive fire control system. If the batteries are exposed to the intense heat of a fire, they could explode. Having one of these systems in place can reduce the risk of a fire in your building being able to quickly reach the battery storage area.