Should You Rent Or Buy A Milling Machine?

Your company uses a milling a machine on occasion to make intricate cuts into metal and other material as part of production. Milling machinery — like all your industrial equipment — isn't cheap and can add up, especially if you don't use the equipment often.

So, the large question you should ask yourself is this: should you rent a milling machine to complete itemized projects, or is it worth the investment to buy a milling machine for your projects? Use this guide to determine which financial solution is best for your needs. You can go to a milling machine shop for your needs in the meantime.

Your budget

If your budget allows you to buy a used or new milling machine, you can buy one. If your company or warehouse doesn't end up using the machinery as often as you'd like, you can sell the unit later. Consider renting a milling machine for a month or so and write down how often the unit is used and how much renting one costs then compare that to the monthly payments of buying a new machine to see which is larger.

Your usage

Do you need a milling machine every day for just a few hours at a time, or do you only use this equipment on specialty projects periodically? Even minimal daily use of a milling machine warrants buying a unit. If you only use one every now and again, then continue renting a milling machine to meet your needs.

Your space

Do you have space in your factory or warehouse to set up a milling machine shop? If so, consider buying a unit so you have one ready whenever you need it. However, if you have to remove or shift around other equipment to make room for a machine, then you'll either need to reorganize your work floor before buying a milling machine or you'll just want to forgo buying one and use a milling machine shop for your needs instead.

Your future use

Think about the future growth of your industry: are you planning on branching out where using a milling machine will become more commonplace in your business? Or are you phasing out the production part of your business? Think about your near future growth to see if a milling machine is going to fit into your needs and buy or rent a unit based on the expectations for growth you have.

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