3 Benefits Of Installing A Water Well

If you live in an area where a water well can be installed, you may be wondering if it is worth the trouble and cost. Depending on your preference, it may be well worth the price thanks to the many benefits of having your own drinking well. If you still aren't sure why a water well might be a good idea, you must check out these three benefits installing a water well. [Read More]

5 FAQs Regarding Hot Rolled Steel and Cold Rolled Steel

Steel is one of the most commonly used metals in all types of fields, including construction, aerospace, and even technology. Before the steel can be used, however, if must be treated. Two common treatments are hot rolling and cold rolling. If you need steel for your company, make sure you understand the difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. Check out these five frequently asked questions, so you are prepared. [Read More]

Lift You High, Higher, Highest: Three Warehouse Lifts That Help You Reach Your Theater's Rafters

Working in a theater, you spend a lot of time on set up, stage building, lighting and sound direction. If a show also has some special effects, then you have to rig up the effects too. That means reaching up high, higher and highest of all to get to the ramparts, catwalks and light hangers up above. If your theater does not own any of these already, here are three warehouse lifts (click here for more info) that can make your stagehand job so much easier. [Read More]

Can You Use Waste Heat to Warm Your Cold-Climate Warehouse?

If you own a warehouse or manufacturing facility in a part of the country that sees more snow than sunshine, you may feel that the battle between the outside elements and your electric bill is constant. For facilities that generate some heat through mechanical activities, the installation of a waste heat recovery unit or heat recovery ventilation system could help you take advantage of the heat already being produced by your business without further drawing on public utilities to maintain your buildings at a comfortable or habitable temperature. [Read More]