Two Road Dust Control Methods To Understand And Consider

If you live on a private road that is constructed out of dirt, then you are likely responsible for the upkeep of this road. This means fixing holes and other sorts of issues on a regular basis. You also should make sure that you take care of the dust and debris that flies up from the road during the dry season. While dirt may not seem like such an issue, it can cause visibility problems for anyone who drives down the road. [Read More]

How To Make A Copper Air Compressor Cylinder Head Gasket

A worn air compressor cylinder head gasket leads to excessive leaks, and that increases your energy usage when attempting to maintain a consistent air supply. Replacing the head gasket is often a simple matter of unbolting the top of the cylinder head, but locating a replacement gasket can take time or may even be impossible if the part isn't readily available. Fortunately, you can create your own replacement head gasket from copper that will achieve comparable results to the official manufactured part. [Read More]

Bumper Building: Tips To Fabricate Your Own Off-Road Bumper

The bumper you put on your four-wheel-drive truck can play a vital role in your truck's off-road capability. After all, the bumper gives you the space to mount your winch, brush guard or headlights in the way you see fit. If you've been looking for the perfect off-road bumper without success, you may find it's easier and more cost-effective to make it yourself. With some basic steel fabrication skills and a bit of preparation, you can create the perfect bumper for your needs. [Read More]

Restaurant Fire Prevention: Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Business

There are almost 6000 restaurant fireseach year in the United States. Some of these fires are simple cooking or chimney fires, but other fires, known as unconfined fires, are more serious and can cause your restaurant to be reduced to cinders. While you probably work hard each year to make sure that your electrical work and cooking equipment is up to code, there are a few other things you should do to make sure that your building is more fire-resistant. [Read More]