3 Air Tools You'll Need For The DIY Installation Of Hardwood Floors

Are you a DIYer about to embark on the grand adventure of installing hardwood flooring in your home? Are you wondering if you've got all the tools you'll need to get the job done? Of course you have a hammer, a saw, a level, and a tape measure in your tool bag, but there's some air tools you'll need to add to your list for this next-level DIY project. Pneumatic Nail Gun [Read More]

Identifying Locations For Recyclable Metal Within Your Home

If you have recently purchased an old, worn down fixer-upper, it is safe to say you likely have plans to remodel in your near future. Remodeling a house, especially an older home, is a big and often expensive undertaking. Luckily, there are ways you can turn the old junky parts of your house into treasure – especially the metal parts! But to make money you need to know where to find the metal. [Read More]

The Two Most Important Boiler Safety Devices You Need To Know About

Boilers are among the leading workhorses in American industry and have been since the early days of the nation. Through a simple process of transferring heat to water in order to create steam, boilers are a key link in the production of energy. When heated to its boiling point, each unit of water expands more than 1,600 times to form steam; this can be harnessed to provide power to generate electricity, heat buildings and perform other useful work. [Read More]

Manufacturing Jobs: Training For A Career As A PLC Expert

When you observe the factory floor of a modern manufacturing facility, you may notice high-tech equipment such as LCD touchscreens attached to heavy-duty machines. These LCD monitors provide a graphical user interface to programmable logic controller (PLC) devices that manage factory equipment, from assembly line conveyor belts to massive hydraulic-powered generators. If you work in a factory and want to improve your job opportunities or have an interest in a training for a computer-oriented manufacturing job, you should explore the path to becoming a PLC technician. [Read More]